Catedral by sergio Ulhõa

Sergio ulhõa combines video art, dance, and vjing, focusing on the space, rhythm, detail and composition of all three forms and their relation to each other within a shared visual universe. His preference is for more loosely associative and poetic patterns of thoughts.
The imaginary space is Ulhõa’s domain, where he reveals his world of sensations employing  extravagant color combination and refined video compositing.

By playing with surprising dynamics, original combinations of people and movement and dissecting the human body in all extremes of expressions and possibilities his moving images convey identity, behavior and states of altered consciousness. It’s a series of introductions matters and agendas unfinished. Like memory it has gaps, fragments of past, fractured present. Video and dance integrated in a subjective landscape of memory, emotion and association.

Ulhõa’s chromodynamics

I use highly charged colors in my compositions in order to manipulate reactions, to stray objectiveness and to trigger perceptual sensitivity in the color receptor of one’s eyes.
Perceptions of colors are somewhat subjective, the feeling you get when looking at my chromodynamics is a vibrating-pulsing effect. The colors are dancing/fighting together in a harmonious twisted composition. While one color invites you the other one rejects you and the communication keeps developing in a theatrical way. Their meaning can vary from states of: moodiness, fanaticism, anxiety, despair, perversion, jealousy, cruelty, till states of: joy, passion, confidence, devotion, uplifting, harmony, sexual desire and so on. Colours are my manifestation of hope, my ecstatic world and a tool to awaken euphoric physical sensation in the audience.’